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Qinli Alloy & Material Technology (Xi’an) Co., Ltd, located in Xi’an, China, is engaged in exporting special ferroalloys and casting materials, producing foundry inoculant, Nodulizer(fesimg), cored wire, vanadium-nitrogen alloy and vanadium aluminium alloy, as well as selling noble alloys, non- ferrous metals, magnetic materials and also rare earth products.

Special ferroalloys and foundry products mainly include QINBLOC (mould inoculation bloc), high grade FeSiZr, Zr inoculant, Silicon Zirconium Manganese, Silicon Calcium Barium, Ferro Silicon Barium, Nodularizer, etc.

Non-ferrous metals mainly include Magnesium, Silicon, Strontium, Calcium, Cobalt, Lanthanum Cerium metal.

The details of our Inoculants and Nodulants factory as follows;

* Invested 12 billion(USD12,000,000.00)

* Total land area: 28,930.00 m2

* Production equipment: 6 sets of 500kg Induction furnaces

1 set of 2000kg Induction furnaces

1 set of Nodularizer crash line

2 sets of Inoculant automatic crash line

4 sets of Cored wire production line

2 sets of automatic packing line

* Production capacity for Nodularizer: 20,000.00 tons per year

* Production capacity for Inoculant: 30,000.00 tons per year

There are special service and R&D team set in the company to keep exploring new products, and main members in the company are very experienced and professional in operation in casting industry.

Moreover, our vanadium-nitrogen alloy & vanadium aluminium alloy factory has an annual production capacity of 10,000.00 tons, with eight production lines and a free mine of 50 square kilometers, which ensure a stable production. And high quality products we provide for different major steel mills are well received by customers.

With strict quality control, dedicated production and processing, and stable supply security, our company supplies high-quality raw materials to many high-end casting enterprises at both home and abroad, maintains a long-term good relationship with customers and wins their trust and support.

We sincerely look forward to collaborating with you and developing together to win a brighter future.


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